Finding Time to Write

I’ve had some folks recently ask me when I find the time to write. (Okay, okay, not many, but one or two.) That is a legit question and surprisingly easy to answer; but taking the easy way out of answering the question wouldn’t be much fun, now would it?

I’ve gotten much better at getting to the point. In many ways. I have my wife, in great part, to thank for that. It’s not that she’s impatient. It’s just that I get sidetracked. Like I am now…

Back to my point. Finding time to write. The how. Long answer to this question starts about a year ago when I joined Bank of America. In August of 2009 the bank offered me an opportunity to join an awesome program called My Work. (Google it. The program rocks!) In the interest of both work life balance, promoting green living, and (believe it or not) productivity, they allow me to work from my home office.

One of the key pros to working from home (more on both the pros and cons of working from home later) is that I get back almost an entire work day each week. How? No daily commute. That should answer the question there. However, that still may not be enough to satisfy some people’s curiosity.

So, get to it, right? When do I write? Considering I’m not commuting to an office, I write before work. Considering I’m not commuting home after work, I write after work. I sometimes make a quick sandwich, eat, and then write during my lunch break. I also queue stories up some evenings (however, few) and over the weekend (to a greater degree). I wrote the first rough draft of this post at 5:30 AM last Saturday morning.


Now you know. Thanks for asking.

Happy Thursday!

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