Free Audiobook Giveaway

I’ve always been a big fan of books. I am an even bigger fan of audiobooks. I’ve been collecting and listening to audiobooks since before I owned a cd player. Yes, that means I own books on audio cassette, or “books on tape”, as they used to be called. Linda and I are cleaning up our bookshelves, getting rid of things like old magazines, cd mixes we have digital copies of, and my collection of books on tape (most I have in iTunes now). Here are the titles I’d like to give to you:

(1) Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar
(2) Over the Top by Zig Ziglar
(3) How To Get What You Want by Zig Ziglar
(4) Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy
(5) The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy
(6) Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

If anyone would like any of these just let me know. I’d rather give them away than throw them away. As a general rule, I don’t sell books; would rather trade, or give them away. To ensure them a good home I’d even cover the cost of shipping. Just send me a note, or drop me a comment, and let me know.

Happy Wednesday!

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