Top Five Blogs… That I Read At Least

During my recent (and ongoing) “blog overhaul” I added a new “Blogs I Follow” section in the right column. These are blogs I read on a regular basis. Whilst there are others (honorable mention names a few), these I try and read every day, or at least as often as they post new content. Turns out it’s a pretty good mix of family, friends, and industry heros. I thought I might briefly explain why, and a little bit about the content.


(1) The Four Hour Workweek Blog – First blog I read on the regular. I am a big fan of GTD but in my opinion Timothy Ferris wrote the book on productivity and lifestyle design. My dad once said, that within any book (in this case blog, like this), there are suggestions you can take and implement, and those you won’t. For every one thing in this book that can, I will admit, for me, there are nine I won’t. That 10%, however? Potentially life changing. Always inspiring and educational.

(2) IckMusic – A good friend and business associate’s music blog. I’d never read a music blog on the regular before, but this guy’s passion, and knowledge about certain niche genres, is what keeps me coming back for more. I also occasionally get to tag along and shoot concerts and events with the publisher and primary writer.

(3) Jasmine Star – A household name in wedding photography. Her commitment to her online community is inspiring.

(4) No Shoe Left Behind – Allison is a friend of mine from Western Kentucky University. She writes a column for a local paper where she lives. After reading a few of her posts, I was inspired to begin writing again. Her tales of adventure, stories from the past and present, are a real treat.

(5) Tofurious – This is the newest blog on my list. I’m still getting a feel for the author’s style but for as a self proclaimed Wedding and Marketing Consultant, from what I’ve read so far, it contains outstanding content for the would be photographer.

Honorable Mentions include: My Wife’s Blog, Howland Studios, Chase Jarvis, and Jeremy Cowart.

I hope you enjoy the new theme and if you find even one more good blog to read from this post then I feel like I’ve contributed. If you already read one, drop me a note and tell me we have that in common.

Happy Tuesday!

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