Part 2 is about my current preferences in running clothes. Not all of these choices are the most technologically advanced but are what I prefer right now.

1. Nike Fit Cap – It’s a hat. Boring. However, it is light, keeps the sweat out of my eyes, and is black under the bill to keep the glare at a minimum. I used to have a black and a white one but am afraid I left my favorite black hat in California on a recent trip.

2. NorthFace T-Shirt – I know hate is a strong word but I hate cotton. Mostly. Absolutely for workout shirts. This is one of those fancy space age shirts made of… 100% Polyester? Well, at least it has great wicking properties.

3. DBX Swimming Trunks – I have no idea why I run in these. I have more expensive shorts but while these are super cheap (I bought a bunch of pairs for about $10 each) I always come back to them. Maybe it’s because they have pockets. Ever try to find “running” shorts with pockets?

4. Oakley Radar Path – I really like these sunglasses. They work really well for running and biking. No matter how much I sweat they stay on my face. No slipping. I’ve used the so much the lenses are starting to wear but the good news is that I can just replace them without having to replace the frame also. Website:

Running seems like such a simple activity. All you really need are shorts, t-shirt and a pair of running shoes. Right? Well, sort of. You see, boys (and some girls) like gear. It does become more important as you run longer distances. That’s how I rationalize it. I’ve broken this idea up into four separate posts: (1) Comfort & Nutrition, (2) Body, (3) Feet, and my favorite (4) Gadgets.

Comfort & Nutrition

Part 1 is all about the little things that not only make the run more fun but also the recovery much less painful. Here are four items that I never leave home without.

1. BodyGlide – If applied to the right spots this helps to avoid the kind of chaffing that haunts you for days after. Website:

2. NipGuards – I thought about not even mentioning this one for obvious reasons. These are fancy and work well but only slightly better than good old duck tape. This past summer I was walking in Central Park in NYC and saw a guy run by with blood dripping down the front of his shirt. It was horrifying. Please don’t make me explain this one in any more detail. Website:

3. Cytomax Sports Drink- This one is important. It is for pre training. I mix one scoop with a liter of water and drink the whole thing about an hour before I run. I also carry about twenty ounces of this with me on my run. Website:

4. Hammer Gel – I eat one of these about every 30 minutes during my long runs. They come with caffeine or without. I prefer without as the caffeine has a tendency to upset my tummy. There are other brands, but of the few I’ve used, I like these the best. Their chocolate tastes like pudding and helps keep me from bonking. Website:

Rediscovered Love for Sport

December 4, 2008

Over the last year I have rediscovered my love for sporting competition. I have a specific interest in the area of endurance sports. It all began the first part of 2008 thanks mainly to my doctor. I awoke to the realization that I was in fact in terrible physical shape. Having made up my mind to do something, I began running a mile or two during my lunch hour. Later, I began doing a little bicycling with my wife on the weekends (thanks primarily to Mike, Joanie and family at Newbury Park Bicycle Shop in Newbury Park, California). Add to that my captivation by Michael Phelps in this summer’s Olympics. I became determined to learn to swim, and bingo, triathlon!

I just recently finished my second “sprint” triathlon. I know that the word “triathlon” typically evokes images of the Ironman. However, for the uninitiated, the Ironman consists of a 2.4 mile, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run. That is not where most people start. All of us starts off with much shorter distances. The “sprint” distance, for example, is more reasonably sane consisting of a ¼ mile swim, 10+ mile bike ride, and approx 3 mile run.

So, in the coming days I would like to share some of my experiences both in training and in competition as well as some of the essential gear. After all, for guys it is all about the gear.