Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 2]


Part 2 is about my current preferences in running clothes. Not all of these choices are the most technologically advanced but are what I prefer right now.

1. Nike Fit Cap – It’s a hat. Boring. However, it is light, keeps the sweat out of my eyes, and is black under the bill to keep the glare at a minimum. I used to have a black and a white one but am afraid I left my favorite black hat in California on a recent trip.

2. NorthFace T-Shirt – I know hate is a strong word but I hate cotton. Mostly. Absolutely for workout shirts. This is one of those fancy space age shirts made of… 100% Polyester? Well, at least it has great wicking properties.

3. DBX Swimming Trunks – I have no idea why I run in these. I have more expensive shorts but while these are super cheap (I bought a bunch of pairs for about $10 each) I always come back to them. Maybe it’s because they have pockets. Ever try to find “running” shorts with pockets?

4. Oakley Radar Path – I really like these sunglasses. They work really well for running and biking. No matter how much I sweat they stay on my face. No slipping. I’ve used the so much the lenses are starting to wear but the good news is that I can just replace them without having to replace the frame also. Website:

One thought on “Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 2]

  1. Cap: Needs to be light and breathable. Visors work well too. Some good ones come in the Red Rock shwag before every one of their races.
    Shirt: Decent poly wicking shirts at Walmart for $6-$12; I get 3 at a time, long and short sleeve.
    Shorts: (In Mexican accent…) “Chancho, sometimes a man has to wear stretchy-pants” – Jack Black, Nacho Libre. Yes, odd as they may look, experience has shown these to provide the best support for longer distance running.
    Sunglasses: Generally I’ve gone without because the sweat keep running into my eyes and blurring the lenses. That is largely because I’ve only used cheap Walgreens sunglasses; that will have to change. I’ll have to bite the bullet and actually spend some $$ on a decent pair or two. Another issue is I keep losing sunglasses, thus my propensity to stay cheap.

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