Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 1]

January 6, 2010

Running seems like such a simple activity. All you really need are shorts, t-shirt and a pair of running shoes. Right? Well, sort of. You see, boys (and some girls) like gear. It does become more important as you run longer distances. That’s how I rationalize it. I’ve broken this idea up into four separate posts: (1) Comfort & Nutrition, (2) Body, (3) Feet, and my favorite (4) Gadgets.

Comfort & Nutrition

Part 1 is all about the little things that not only make the run more fun but also the recovery much less painful. Here are four items that I never leave home without.

1. BodyGlide – If applied to the right spots this helps to avoid the kind of chaffing that haunts you for days after. Website:

2. NipGuards – I thought about not even mentioning this one for obvious reasons. These are fancy and work well but only slightly better than good old duck tape. This past summer I was walking in Central Park in NYC and saw a guy run by with blood dripping down the front of his shirt. It was horrifying. Please don’t make me explain this one in any more detail. Website:

3. Cytomax Sports Drink- This one is important. It is for pre training. I mix one scoop with a liter of water and drink the whole thing about an hour before I run. I also carry about twenty ounces of this with me on my run. Website:

4. Hammer Gel – I eat one of these about every 30 minutes during my long runs. They come with caffeine or without. I prefer without as the caffeine has a tendency to upset my tummy. There are other brands, but of the few I’ve used, I like these the best. Their chocolate tastes like pudding and helps keep me from bonking. Website:

4 Responses to “Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 1]”

  1. Daniel said

    great post, thanks for sharing

  2. Allison said

    That’s hilarious about the NipGuards product. Keith used to complain about chafed nipples from walking so many laps around the campus with me. I thought the whole bit was a sham to cut the walks short. Who knew?

  3. Seth Basen said

    Let’s take this one purchase at a time. Glide: For running only, I’ve never had to apply this anywhere but lightly between my toes and around the base of my heel for longer runs. I guess runnning in spandex leg-huggers does have it’s advantages. NipGuards: Bandaids or glide. Cyto: the Bomb! Love this stuff, esp great in my home-blended fruit smoothies for afters. Gels: Essential. Clif Shot Blocks and Powerbar gel blasts are also really good. Still haven’t invested yet in those little squeeze bottles worn on a belt where you squeeze a whole bunch of the gels in there.

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