Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 1]

Running seems like such a simple activity. All you really need are shorts, t-shirt and a pair of running shoes. Right? Well, sort of. You see, boys (and some girls) like gear. It does become more important as you run longer distances. That’s how I rationalize it. I’ve broken this idea up into four separate posts: (1) Comfort & Nutrition, (2) Body, (3) Feet, and my favorite (4) Gadgets.

Comfort & Nutrition

Part 1 is all about the little things that not only make the run more fun but also the recovery much less painful. Here are four items that I never leave home without.

1. BodyGlide – If applied to the right spots this helps to avoid the kind of chaffing that haunts you for days after. Website:

2. NipGuards – I thought about not even mentioning this one for obvious reasons. These are fancy and work well but only slightly better than good old duck tape. This past summer I was walking in Central Park in NYC and saw a guy run by with blood dripping down the front of his shirt. It was horrifying. Please don’t make me explain this one in any more detail. Website:

3. Cytomax Sports Drink- This one is important. It is for pre training. I mix one scoop with a liter of water and drink the whole thing about an hour before I run. I also carry about twenty ounces of this with me on my run. Website:

4. Hammer Gel – I eat one of these about every 30 minutes during my long runs. They come with caffeine or without. I prefer without as the caffeine has a tendency to upset my tummy. There are other brands, but of the few I’ve used, I like these the best. Their chocolate tastes like pudding and helps keep me from bonking. Website:

4 thoughts on “Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 1]

  1. That’s hilarious about the NipGuards product. Keith used to complain about chafed nipples from walking so many laps around the campus with me. I thought the whole bit was a sham to cut the walks short. Who knew?

  2. Let’s take this one purchase at a time. Glide: For running only, I’ve never had to apply this anywhere but lightly between my toes and around the base of my heel for longer runs. I guess runnning in spandex leg-huggers does have it’s advantages. NipGuards: Bandaids or glide. Cyto: the Bomb! Love this stuff, esp great in my home-blended fruit smoothies for afters. Gels: Essential. Clif Shot Blocks and Powerbar gel blasts are also really good. Still haven’t invested yet in those little squeeze bottles worn on a belt where you squeeze a whole bunch of the gels in there.

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