Moving Back South East: Arizona to North Carolina

Saturday, March 24, 2018

This is the Brown’s first official day as residents of North Carolina. Technically we do not close on our house here until Monday, but we’re here.

Back in Maricopa, AZ this morning, the grown ups woke at five a.m. and even though we have been at this for what feels like months, there was still no less than an hour of prep work before our final exit.

I made a coffee run at six. The kids were up at 6:15 and 6:40, and we were out the door by 7:15.

Good thing because it took over an hour and a half to check in, get Linda and the kids settled, return the rental car, and get back on the shuttle, and to go thru security.

The flight was smooth. Both kids did very well. Got dinner and groceries and made it to our three day rental house (VRBO) without incident. I can hear the rain hit the roof of the house as I write this. We are staying in the same vacation rental house when we visited in late January. Seems fitting.

  1. Kids start their new school on Monday morning
  2. Close on the house later Monday morning
  3. Our stuff delivered on Tuesday morning
  4. Thanks to great friends our cars are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday as well
  5. Spend the first night in our new home on Tuesday night
  6. Taking the week off work to get settled
  7. Back to work on Monday, April 2. For Linda it’s business as usual. For me, It will mean driving to an office for the first time regularly in eight years

Here’s my wish, for our luck to hold, for things continue to go as planned. In offering I give a haiku.

Nearly flawless trip

Warmest weather for the rain

New chapter to write



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