Every Coach’s Dream, Chapter 18

Every Coach’s Dream, A True Story about Dixie Youth Baseball in Three Small Towns, by Harold A Brown

Chapter 18: All-Stars & Epilogue

Find satisfaction in the struggle.

All-Star selection can be such a political process and often unfair to the kids. Coach was not going to be the head coach of the team. That was an honor won by Coach Bennett. He would do a good job with the boys that he wanted on the all-star team.

Each coach presented what he thought were worthy choices from all the teams and then Coach Bennett would make a case for those he wanted. There was much discussion but little changed. Lajuane made it for his defensive skills, Rocket because of his bat and arm. He hit .613 for the season and won five of six games on the mound. Marty made the team because of his bat and Owen was chosen because he was the best catcher in the league. He hit for an average of .394 and had an on base percentage of .623.

Jimmy, Teddy and Darrell certainly were worthy choices for the team but did not make it. Coach made no excuses for them not making the team. They would have to find satisfaction in the struggle, it’s just part of growing up. Into each life some rain must fall.

Nolensvelle Red finished the regular season with a 9-3 record as did College Grove. The Red team had an overall record of 13-3 and College Grove finished with a 11-5 overall record. Rockvale finished the regular season 8-4 and overall 10-6. Nolensville Blue finished the regular season 2-11 and 3-13 overall.

This all took place in the summer of 1987 with a group of youngsters that bonded into what could easily be called every coach’s dream.

The end.


What is contained in the series of eighteen posted chapters has been the entirety of “Every Coach’s Dream, A True Story about Dixie Youth Baseball in Three Small Towns”, the book my Dad wrote about one of his favorite baseball coaching experiences.

I feel he wrote this book just for me, but it is my hope you feel he wrote it just for you.

Throughout the experience of reading the book, preparing each chapter in WordPress to share, rereading each chapter as it posted, and seeing your reaction and interest, I decided to take a few next steps.

If you want to print the book yourself to read, I added a few buttons at the bottom of each post, one of which is Print. I am also considering looking into setting up a printed version so let me know and we may pursue the paperback book option if there is enough interest.

I am moving my family back to the southeast early 2018. I will be planning a team reunion after we are settled. If anybody would like to help please let me know. Charlotte, North Carolina is much closer to Nolensville than Phoenix, Arizona.

After seeing the reaction to the book I decided to include the wisdoms from each chapter in one place here. Some of these wisdoms have hit me very hard over the last few months, even though they are each lessons my Dad began teaching to me since the day I was born. My Dad, always teaching.

18: Find satisfaction in the struggle.

17: The more you learn the more you realize how little you know.

16: Youth looks to the future and old age looks to the past.

15: Life isn’t about saving, it’s about scattering.

14: See the ball, hit the ball.

13: Life is about how we handle imperfections.

12: Things that matter the most should not be placed at the mercy of things that matter the least.

11: Understand the past, Respect the future.

10: Always get even with those that help you.

9: What you become depends on decisions not conditions.

8: You can learn from everyone.

7: We have to learn as we go.

6: The strength of the individual is team and the strength of the team is the individual.

5: Will our experience be a friend or foe?

4: The real challenge comes from within.

3: Life and dreams do not exist apart.

2: They felt good as a team.

1: The higher your expectation the greater your achievement.

I hope you enjoyed!


Owen W Brown

One thought on “Every Coach’s Dream, Chapter 18

  1. Jerry Pack says:

    I will certainly be happy to help with a reunion, I’m certain Derek would also. This has brought back many great memories! Thank you for providing them.

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