Every Coach’s Dream, Chapter 12

Every Coach’s Dream, A True Story about Dixie Youth Baseball in Three Small Towns, by Harold A Brown

Chapter 12: League Game Nine – College Grove

Things that matter the most should not be placed at the mercy of things that matter the least.

Game nine was against College Grove again and the Red team wanted a win. Rocket was their best chance for a victory.

Keith Bennett lead off for College Grove. Rocket struck him out. Keeping that lead batter off base is an important step toward victory.

Toby Pace had been a critical ingredient for the success of this team. He played excellent defense at shortstop and his bat had worked hard for Coach Bennett. He was patient enough at the plate to draw a walk from Rocket. Mike House popped up to Darrell at first. Lakeith Vaughn hit a double to right center and brought in Toby. J.D. Martin struck out finishing their at bat.

Mike would walk Lajuane and Marty would single. Teddy walked to load the bases. Darrell and Owen were strikeout victims. Rocket walked to bring in Lajuane and leave the bases loaded. Jimmy would double in Marty and Teddy, keeping two runners on base. Derek was aggressive at the plate and struck out on three pitches.

Rocket faced five batters in the second, walking two and striking out three. Keith was the third out and left the two walks on base.

Frank led off the second with a strike out. Lajuane and Marty walked and Teddy a Darrell both struck out.

Rocket hit Mike with the first pitch in the third. Coach was sure that it hurt. Lakeith made Rocket suffer for his mistake by hitting another double to right center again and scoring Mike from first. Owen threw Lakeith out when he tired to steal third base. J.D. Martin would strike out again.

Owen struck out to start the bottom of the third. Rocket and Jimmy walked and waited for Derek to single in Rocket. Frank made his bat do the talking and doubled in Jimmy and Derek. Lajuane and Marty walked again and Teddy and Darrell struck out again.

Rocket faced four batters at the top of the fourth. He gave up one walk and struck out the next three. He was winning the battle of keeping the bottom of College Grove’s order off the bases.

Mike finished his work on the mound and Lakeith took his place. He walked the first two batters and struck out the next three. Brad Alexander made the last out, taking Frank’s place in the order.

Rocket was going to face the top of College Grove’s order again in the fifth. He was kind enough to let his defense do the work for him. Keith popped up to Jimmy at third. He walked Toby for the second time in the game. Mike hit a grounder back to the Rocket and he threw him out at first. Toby was caught at third when Darrell threw to Jimmy for the assist and the third out.

The Red team was back to the top of their order. Lajuane and Marty both drew walks from Lakeith. When he was bad he was really bad. The last out was a strikeout on three pitches by Teddy. When he was good he was really good.

He walked the next three and they drove in Lajuane and Marty. Jimmy and Derek both struck out. Should more be said? Time was out and the game was called. Victory leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

Things that matter the most should not be placed at the mercy of things that matter the least.

College Grove 2, Nolensville Red 8

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