In the Year 2017

I don’t do New Year resolutions. Not anymore. I make decisions, and those are best made and kept to when the spirit moves you.

I do however find virtue in reflection and expressing gratitude. Here it goes.

The year started out on work leave with Hanna Elaine, born October 21, 2016. With Linda on point with the baby, Henrik and I had lots of bonding time. Threenager moments are a real thing but my memories will gloss over those.

Work was a whirlwind. Third new boss and big boss in about as many years. A progression at work and an upcoming move from our home of 12 years in Maricopa (Phoenix), Arizona to Charlotte, North Carolina. Equal parts terrifying and exciting. Career-wise it is the answer to my question of “so what’s next”.

There were a few trips with one kid or the other to the emergency room. Terrifying in the moment, and for some time after, but someday to be looked back on in pure thanks, the kids survived. Two new food allergies for Henrik, and a very sad heart wrenching delay in visiting Grandparents and family in Sweden while we confirmed Henrik is safe to fly.

Published my Dad’s book and shared it here. Planning a team reunion, hopefully in 2018. Thanks Dad.

Mom visited and we met Chris for the first time. No wonder Mom is so happy! Crystelle and Sol also visited and met Hanna. Family!

Joanie and Meghan visited for Halloween. Great visit! Nobody does a holiday like the Cicchi’s. Oh yeah, we were over at their place in California for Easter too. Did I mention the Cicchi kids are amazing human beings?

Henrik discovered a love for team sports, playing and practicing tee ball, and solo sport riding his new big boy bicycle. Hanna is learning more and more new words each day and on the verge of walking by herself. Both kids are learning so much so fast.

Thank you to my Crossfit Maricopa family for being awesome all year. Scott and Kelly Bradley and their entire coaching staff are legit.

Change scientifically speaking is a natural law. Therefore by law, and by the seat of our pants into 2018 we go!

Owen, Linda, Henrik and Hanna

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