To the Kids

Hanna Elaine Brown is almost a year old. She is less than a month away from no longer being a baby. She will always be our baby but technically once you are one year old you are a toddler. Parenthood. The things you learn.

Henrik Walker Brown turned four in June. The transition my wife and I have gone through, from just the two of us, to a family of three, to a family of four. Life has a different speed, it has more gears. What did we do with all of that free time before kids? The answer? TV. Lots and lots of TV. It’s an easy trade when we think about it. Tee ball for TV. We are both better people. Less selfish in many ways. More selfish in some ways, but in better areas. 

Fall is here. Winter approaches. The temps will continue to drop. Next week we will not top 100 degrees for the first time since probably early June. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas are all right around the corner. Pause and reflect. Take time to be grateful. Sounds very Oprah of me, but in my current status in life I even sort of like Oprah for the first time. Parenthood. The things you learn. 

To the kids. Might sounds a little backwards, but not to me. Thank you for making me and your Momma who we are today. Thank you for the people you will make us into still to come. Forcing us to grow, to learn, to be the people we want you to become. Because you will not do what we say. You will do what we do. 


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