Chapter 1 Harold Brown Memoir – Prologue

Originally posted on December 24, 2018

My Dad wrote his memoir during the last several years of his life.

The stories and characters and places with rare exception come from his childhood. Mostly characters from Hamburg, Arkansas. But it does explain a lot about why he became the man he was. Yin and yang. If you are interested in that, here’s a gift.

I have this to share because I made a copy of Dad’s iMac hard drive. He wrote it to be found and shared, I have no doubt. I found Dad’s working copy during a digital spring cleaning, easy enough. So here it is, with minor editorial. These are his words in his voice.

His name was Harold Allen Brown. Born in 1946 to Dallas Brown and Ozell Walker Brown. Enjoy his stories. Enjoy his story.

Owen W Brown


This is my story. These are my memories. Memories. We all have them. The trick is to find the key that unlocks what we have stored in our memory bank. I am trying to remember, not to forget.

Harold A Brown


“Would you do it again?” I asked Mother. “No.” was her solemn reply. “No.” I’d thought when I asked the question about her marriage she would affirm my importance. She did not. Her thoughts were on the hardships she’d endured over the many years following my father Dallas’ death. How could you blame her for such an honest answer. She did the best she could under the circumstances.

There was a time before I was born when Mother rocked my brother Garvis and sister Miriam to sleep hours before their bedtime because there wasn’t enough food in the house to feed them. How painful would it be to listen to your small children cry because you could not feed them?

Throughout my life with mother, I never remember her throwing out food. Now I understand why. Some answers can’t be reached until we understand the problem. I still practice her methods. I turn off lights, adjust the temperature in the house, save food for later consumption, and save money for a rainey day.

I have seen many with far more advantages do much less.

If Mother ever felt sorry for herself and the situation she was in, it was only shown to me through that one statement, “No”.

Her courage didn’t indicate that she had no fear. Her courage was shown through the action she took in the face of fear.

We can only hope that we have done the things that will bring honor to those that have sacrificed for our survival. I love you Mother and pray that I have not let you down.

This is my story. It may differ with the memories of others. That’s okay. This is still my story. My hope is it should cause others to return to their past.

How much you care is more important than how much you know.

Looking for the best in someone else often brings out the best in you.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Harold Brown Memoir – Prologue

  1. Dustin Walker says:

    I was reading some of this and I assume (He stated it in the appendix) Cornelius M. C. Walker was your Dad’s great Grandad correct? And his mother was Ozell Walker (Brown)? Who were Ozell’s parents? Since we are obviously kin, I’m just connecting the dots…. Cornelius brother Rufus Walker is my Great, Great, Great Grandad….

    What I can’t figure out is that I have a printed copy of the history of John G Walker that H. G. Walker put together back in 1991… I’ve had it since receiving a copy in the mid to late 90’s at a Walker Family Reunion… I’m just curious I guess if H. G. got the info from your Dad or they used the same resource on John G. Walker…. Thanks, Dustin R. Walker

  2. Jerry Pack says:

    I truly regret having lost touch with your dad in later years of our life. Since we were so close in age we went through many of the same experiences. Some for different reasons but still the same. You dad and Bob Stephenson were two of the best friends I ever had. Both left us way to soon. I have planned on doing my own story and maybe this will spur me on.

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