Monster Trucks

Saturday 12 January 2018

Monster Jam came to Charlotte’s Spectrum Center this weekend. Henrik and I got to go. We even got pit passes. This was our first big time event like this with so many people. We both had a blast. His attention span is 10X what it was just a year ago.

Henrik’s soaking it all in

Max D

MM Dalmation

We’re Here!

It was a long line

Krysten Anderson driver of Grave Digger

I’m So Cool

Grave Digger second only to Bigfoot

Giant Tire Noise Guards

2 thoughts on “Monster Trucks

  1. Larry Yarborough says:

    That little guy is growing and not little anymore. He is cute and I’m glad his dad protected his son’s hearing.

    Can’t describe the enjoyment I’ve had reading HAB’s autobiography. A regret: I wish I had been permitted to read it while he was still with us. I would have loved to talked to him about so many things he wrote about. (I guess those conversations will keep us busy a few years in our next eternal life.)

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