Monster Trucks

January 12, 2019

Saturday 12 January 2018

Monster Jam came to Charlotte’s Spectrum Center this weekend. Henrik and I got to go. We even got pit passes. This was our first big time event like this with so many people. We both had a blast. His attention span is 10X what it was just a year ago.

Henrik’s soaking it all in

Max D

MM Dalmation

We’re Here!

It was a long line

Krysten Anderson driver of Grave Digger

I’m So Cool

Grave Digger second only to Bigfoot

Giant Tire Noise Guards

2 Responses to “Monster Trucks”

  1. Rickard Hagtorn said

    I went to a show like that when I was a kid, it was great fun! I bet Henrik loved it.

  2. Larry Yarborough said

    That little guy is growing and not little anymore. He is cute and I’m glad his dad protected his son’s hearing.

    Can’t describe the enjoyment I’ve had reading HAB’s autobiography. A regret: I wish I had been permitted to read it while he was still with us. I would have loved to talked to him about so many things he wrote about. (I guess those conversations will keep us busy a few years in our next eternal life.)

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