Preordering the iPhone 6 Plus

I should have taken his advice. He had been thru this before. ATT just does not do preorders for iPhones very well. At all. Not even close. In fact, and now I have heard this from multiple trusted sources, combined with my own experience, never ever ever preorder any Apple device anywhere but at the Apple Store Online. Ever.


Preorders were available on the Apple website on Wednesday midnight PST. Per normal servers crashed but people got in and got to order. I waited and preordered on the ATT website on Thursday mid morning. Rookie. I got a notice that my phone would be shipped around the end of November. The end of November? Really? I pondered the issue two days and on Sunday decided that I could do better. I called and canceled my preorder. The CSR said it would take two business days for my upgrade to be reinstated. Nope. In two hours I went onto the Apple Store app on my iPhone and ordered my new iPhone 6 Plus. The clincher? Shipping due around mid October. Not great but about 45 days sooner than ATT. Lesson learned.


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