April 29, 1974 was a good day for me. A lot has happened in the days in between then and now. I’ll spare you the details. Unless of course you were there for any of those days in between and you remember them all on your own. If so, feel free to celebrate with me by sharing your favorite. Or keep it to yourself. Your call.

I have said it before and I will say it again here. If some Beyonder with the power came to me and said “Sign here and I can guarantee you will have exactly 40 more years to live, but only 40. What’s more, you can go back and live your 40 years from any point in your past forward.” My answers would be (1) ‘Where do I sign’ and (2) ‘I will start my next 40 years starting today, thank you very much’. Thing is, the last 40 have been just about as good as I could have hoped for. In fact, better. Still, I am way more excited about the next four decades than those past at this point in my life. No Beyonders have come calling, but just the same, here’s to the next 40!



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