Henrik Gets Swaddled – Video

Linda and I stayed a few extra days at the hospital after Henrik was born. During this time we had nurses coming in at all times during the day and night. We asked each one to show us how to properly swaddle, as most of the videos I ran across on YouTube seemed to focus more on the person doing the swaddling as opposed to the actual swaddle technique itself.

Henrik Walker Brown

Funny thing was, not a single nurse showed us the same exact swaddle technique. As a result, I wasn’t able to perfectly recreate any of the swaddles. It seemed I was missing a few quick steps that the nurses would just do, without actually mentioning the step, because they’ve done this a thousand times a day for years. I finally asked one of the nurses if she would mind me taking a video so I could watch it over and over again. This is that video.

Note: This was also a test. WordPress wants $60.00 a year to allow me to use their video host a share service. Plus I would likely need to also pay them to rent more space. As a Flickr Pro account holder, I can host and share without limits, at a fraction of the cost. This was a test to see what Flickr Video looks like when posted on a WordPress Blog. The videographer definitely isn’t a pro, but otherwise, not half bad.


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