Grand Canyon Rim to Rim – Booked!

I had some free time this afternoon so I went ahead and booked reservations for our Grand Canyon Rim to Rim hike next year. So far the crew will consist of me, my sister Crystelle Brown, my cousin Brent Blough, and tentatively my wife Linda Brown.

Here are the trip details.

(1) We will be leaving Phoenix on Monday, May 28, 2012 and arriving at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon that evening. (A stop in Sedona for lunch is a possible option.) We’ll be spending the night at Bright Angel Lodge.

(2) The afternoon of Tuesday May 29 we’ll take the Transaction Shuttle service to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We’ll spend the night in a cabin on the North Rim.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

(3) On Wednesday May 30 we’ll take shuttle service to the Trail Head on the North Rim. We’ll hike approx 12 miles down to Phantom Ranch and spend the night in one of their dormitory style lodges.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

(4) On Thursday May 31 we’ll get up and hike the approx 10 miles out. Once we’re back to the South Rim we’ll spend the night again at Bright Angel Lodge.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

(5) On Friday June 1 we’ll get in the car and head back to Phoenix.

If any of you out there are still interested let me know and I’ll walk you thru making your reservations. I’m already excited and I’d be great if some of you would join us.

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