Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike – May 2012 [Itinerary]

I am planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in May 2012 where we will hike the twenty-four miles from the North Rim of the Canyon to the South Rim in two days. The trip itself will span from a Wednesday to a Sunday. If you are interested in going let me know. Here’s the itinerary I propose.

Day 1. Wednesday afternoon (need to pick an exact date) we meet in Phoenix and head to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you are flying into Phoenix either take an early flight that morning or fly in on Wednesday evening and spend the night at my house. I have a guest room, a very comfortable air mattress, and a couch. First come first served. We’ll be spending Wednesday night at one of the (half dozen) lodges on the South Rim. I’ve stayed in a couple of different lodges and they are nice considering. We’ll have dinner there on campus and rest up for day two.

Day 2. Thursday morning we’ll eat breakfast in the cafeteria, let our food settle, and afterwards take about an hour to hike down the South Rim and back up again. That will get your excited about what’s coming, give you a chance to stretch your legs, and a taste of what to expect on Friday and Saturday. That afternoon we’ll hitch a four-hour ride to the North Rim. There we will eat a nice dinner, and spend the night at the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim. There are some great views to be had. However, a word of warning. Whatever you bring with you to the North Rim you’ll be hiking with Friday and Saturday so pack wisely. Interpret: Small cameras good. Big cameras heavy.

Day 3. This is what you came for. On Friday morning we’ll get up before dawn, eat a quick breakfast in the room, and take a short van ride to the Trailhead at the North Rim. Then we’re off. From there it is fourteen miles to Phantom Ranch. When we reach Phantom Ranch it’s time to relax as this is where we’ll eat lunch, dinner, and spend the night. Most likely in a cabin. Here are some great Phantom Ranch Tips.

Day 4. On Saturday morning we’ll pack up, eat breakfast, and hike out. It’s ten miles to the top. That night we’ll again spend the night at one of the lodges on the South Rim.

Day 5. On Monday morning we head back to civilization and brag to everyone we know about what we accomplished.

I know May of next year seems like a long time but I am going to be making reservations no later than the end of July. Space fills up quick. The opening weekend in May for example is already booked. Let me know soon!


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