How I Love Thee iPhone. Let Me Count the Ways

I just spent thirty minutes writing to a friend who asked me my thoughts on the iPhone. I thought I’d post an edited version here. Yes, I am very very very biased. It’s okay to take what I write here with a measure of “yeah, he’s a fanboy”.


(1) Sexy & Apps. First, let’s start with this. I love the iPhone. It’s sexy. I could leave it at that. (Of course I won’t.) Then there are the apps. I use a lot of free apps and some of the paid apps as well. I wrote a story about each of the apps I have on the first two screens of my phone here and here if you’d like to see my favorites).

(2) The Interface. I’ve seen the droid interface, the hardware, and while it’s okay, especially if you’ve never used an iPhone, once you’ve used the Retina Display (super high resolution screen on the iPhone 4) the others are all just toast. They look like a kid’s toy by comparison. At least the ones I’ve seen.

(3) The Camera. There are some guys out there doing some really amazing things all in phone; meaning they take the picture and edit it in phone using the camera apps (I have several but today I find I prefer the native camera app). To see some of one guys work go to Of course Jeremy is a genius but still.

(4) Resale Value. Lastly, I sold my 3G for $200 a few weeks earlier after I upgraded. Same price as I paid for the 4. To top that, I bought my wife an iPhone 4 a few weeks later for the same standard $200 price tag and then turned around and sold here 3GS for just a few dollars shy of $400. No joke.

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