My iPhone Apps – Page Two

It’s taken me a few weeks to get back to my iPhone apps. In all honesty, it’s make me rethink my second page. I realized that I had apps on page two that I really never used. I’ve done some rearranging and now all of the apps on my page two are those that I use on at least a semi regular basis.


1. iTunes – This is the store. I was having lunch with a friend, asked what they were listening to lately. They recommended an artist. I went to iTunes on my phone, bought the record, and it was downloaded and ready to play on my ride home before lunch was over.

2. App Store – This one had to show up eventually, right? I will regularly check the top paid and free apps just to see if anything new, fun, or useful has come along.

3. Apple Store – I bought my Apple TV using this app. I warn you. This is can be the most expensive app you have; indirectly at least.

4. eBay – I don’t use this as much as I once did but it does come out to play every now and again.

5. Flixster – Sitting at dinner and decide you wanna see a movie? You once had to drive up to the theatre and squint as you tried to get the movie listings and times to come into view. This app allows you to search for local theater, movies showing, and times. (I’ve even used this in the theatre on what I term “double feature day” to see when the next movie I wanted to see started.)

6. iConcertCal – Find local (or not local) concerts playing at a venue near (nor not near) you.

7. Skype – For $2 a month I have unlimited calls. It’s not the greatest reception and calls seem to drop a lot but for the price? Whatchayougonnado?

8. Stopwatch – Does what it says. Simplest of apps.

9. Best Alarm – I used this recently at a hotel just in case my wakeup call failed.

10. Converter – Ever wonder what 100 degrees fahrenheit is in celsius? There’s an app for that. Need to convert miles into kilometers? You guessed it.

11. Flickr – I use this the least because the interface is a little wonky but when I need to show someone pictures I’ve uploaded to my Flickr page, it’s right in my pocket.

12. Camera – This is the native camera app. I keep it around because not only does it take regular pictures and video but it will take pictures in HDR as well. Cool.

13. Photos – Where I can review the pictures I’ve taken on my iPhone.

14. Southwest – I sure wish I’d had this ten years ago. Review DING! fares, book flights, make car reservations, check into your flight! Best of the best. I used this to check into a recent flight home; from my hotel room. Not having to fight with the hotel lobby computer? Priceless.

15. Settings – Duhh.

Hope you enjoyed. I’ll spare you pages three and four. Mostly that’s just where apps I’m trying out are stored. Happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “My iPhone Apps – Page Two

  1. Owen, great list. Just got a iPhone 4 let me throw in a few more. Zumocast. Stream or Elias from all your pcs. Dropbox. The iPhone version of my favorite file sharing program. Basecamp. A must if you have outsourcers or assistants. Love your blog

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