Icke Family Portraits 2010

A couple of weekends ago I got together with the Myra and Pete Icke, along with their girls Alyssa and Karina to take some family pictures. Myra and Pete wanted some pictures of the family and also a shot or two of the girls in their princess themed Halloween costumes. We decided to meet in Tempe Town Lake Park in Tempe, Arizona.

The weather on this sunny “Fall” Saturday late morning turned out very nicely. The lake park is such a nice spot. Pete suggested including the Bridge in the family picture “In order to represent where we live”. Since there wasn’t a cactus or a tumbleweed to be seen anywhere in the park, I agreed that was a great idea.

20101014_ICKE_FAMILY_BLOG 611

I half jokingly asked Pete if he had any back issues. Hey, you never know. I wanted to get a shot of him holding the girls. It’s probably not going to be too long before the girls will outgrow this opportunity so Pete gave it a shot. I believe this is him faking strain.

20101014_ICKE_FAMILY_BLOG 609

Pete pulled it off and here is his reward.

20101014_ICKE_FAMILY_BLOG 607

Myra wisely chooses to take a different approach. This is one of my favorites.

20101014_ICKE_FAMILY_BLOG 603

After family pictures were done the girls changed into their costumes. I believe Karina is dressed as a Fairy Princess and Alyssa as a Dainty Queen Fairy God Mother? The girls told me but things like that just don’t stick in my mind. Ehh, close enough, right?

20101014_ICKE_FAMILY_BLOG 605

It was a really fun time. Pete even picked up the tab for lunch! Thanks, Ickes. Hope you’ll enjoy these pictures for many years.

One thought on “Icke Family Portraits 2010

  1. Dude, your camera is unreal. The hi-def resolution is scary. I’m too ugly to get my pics taken with a camera like yours. Reminds me of when they asked Dan Rather what concerned him the most about being on HD Net and he said – being in Hi-Def. HA!

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