Is Asking To Have My Restaurant Food Customized Fair?

It started simple enough at first. Asking the waitress for a baked potato instead of french fries. “Can you swap out the buttery twice baked garlic mashed for a side of broccoli?” became no big deal. I don’t think I’m at all unique but I do have some interesting customizations as I’ve become increasingly bold in my requests. It’s more than just salad with dressing on the side. It’s chicken parmesan extra spicy hold the mozzarella cheese on top at the local Italian restaurant. It’s chicken quesadillas without the cheese (I call them Dillas) at a Mexican place in town.


I am most proud of my custom turkey burger. They have the best turkey burger at the Cheesecake Factory that is a freshly patted out patty. No pressed fake turkey mess happening with this burger. It’s good right off the menu. However, I also really love the dark rolls they serve. You know the ones that come before your meal? So I asked if I could have my turkey burger served on one of these dark rolls. It turned out great and from that day on with few exceptions, whenever I order the turkey burger at the CCF, this is the way it’s done.

Does all this make me a pain in the rear? To some degree, I guess. However, nobody gives me any trouble and I tip well. That’s fair, right?

Next time you are out to eat try a little tweak to your favorite dish. You might be surprised with how good it turns out.

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