New Apple TV Delivered

I have tried to be an early adopter of technology but I always fall short. Apple TV for example has been out for years. I just never saw the point. With a pretty steep price tag for a less than sexy piece of hardware I just figured I’d wait until it made sense.

Earlier this month I read that the new Apple TV was going to be a third of the price, a tenth of the size, and plays Netflix, I had to check it out. I placed my order earlier last month and was promised a September delivery. Apple almost came thru with the September. FedEx knocked on the door this morning and my Apple TV was delivered.

I took a few quick shots of the box which turns out isn’t much bigger than two iPhones stacked on top of each other. I then took a shot of it setup in the living room. See if you can spot it. It really doesn’t take up much room at all.


See it?


How about now?




There it is! And speaking of early adoption and hanging onto old technology for no really good reason, yes, that is a VCR. I’m just using it to prop up the DVR. Honest. No really, I am. Seriously.


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