Daily Visual Pushups

Unless you won the genetic lottery, in order to stay in even reasonably good health not only should you eat right, but also exercise on a regular basis. I was recently reminded that this approach plays well in other areas of our lives as well.

In this case, I am specifically talking about improving as a photographer. Like eating well, it is important to study the concept and technical aspects of the art form. However, like exercise, it’s equally (and perhaps even more) import in this example to do our daily visual pushups. Like working out, they need to be done on a regular if not daily basis if we’re going to see any real progress.

Conclusion: I need to be taking pictures every day! I’ll also conclude that any old excuse is fine. More than anything else this is what makes the practice perfect (so to speak). On that note, may I introduce a lunch I like to make from time to time. If you like it the recipe is listed below. The following should make two reasonably sized servings. There. Workout complete.

(Note: No resemblance to any celebrity or religious figure such as Mary or the Pope was intended in the creation of this sandwich. Furthermore, if it looks like an animal, your uncle, or even your next door neighbor, this was purely unintentional and total coincidence.)


Owen’s Tunafish Sandwich

Tuna (Mix in Small Bowl)
1 Can (7 oz) Chunk Light Tuna
2 Tablespoons Nayonaise (or Mayo)
2 Tablespoons Relish
1 Squirt of Mustard (to taste)
1 Handful of Chopped Mushrooms
Pinch Sea Salt

Top & Bottom
Tomato Slices
Slice(s) of Soy Cheese
EarthGrains Whole Wheat Thin Buns

Happy Thursday!

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