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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my favorite blogs. While that list stays pretty consistent I have to share a blog I recently discovered that has really blown me away. The blog is written by Seth Godin. This guys has written twelve books. All of which went onto become best sellers. I haven’t read a single one but plan to. For right now I am complely content slash filled slash charged by just reading the blog posts.

Do you actually care about privacy? This is one that’s timely and appropriate the this audience. It’s about our true expectations in regards to online privacy versus being surprised.

All of his posts are short and concise, yet dense. Here are a few other posts I’d might suggest starting off with to get a taste but these spoke to me.

The Corporate Conscience. “There isn’t one. Corporations don’t have a conscience, people do. That means that every time you say, “It’s just my job,” or “My department has a policy,” or “All I do is work here,” what you’ve done is abdicated responsibility–to no one.”


Monitoring Your Internal Monologue. At the end of third paragraph Seth writes, “Theologians wrestle with this dilemma all the time. How can you study an idea or a trend or a belief system if you also accept it as a universal, unquestionable fact? …the smart marketer (my note: you can substitute the word “marketer” with “human being” ) throws away bias and stops cheering for one outcome over another and instead quietly takes notes on herself.”

Come on.

Little lies and small promises. “‘Your call is very important to us,’ is not a true statement… The truth is self-evident. The worst kind of little lies are the ones you make to yourself. Once you’re willing to lie to yourself, you’re also willing to cheat at golf, and after that, it’s all downhill.”

Must read stuff.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I can see that you put allot of time and effort into your blog and I admire the detailed information that you have been posting. I will bookmark your blog and come back to read for more! Thanks for a great read!

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