Like, Upgrades Dude

When I started writing again last September I picked a simple one column theme for this blog. I hadn’t tweaked it much at all; until this past Friday that is. I was ready to look into making some upgrades. I started by changing the design theme. It’s ironic, because even though I changed it to what I thought was a much “busier” two column format, with lots of widgets in the right column, my wife said it actually looked much cleaner. Go figure. That, as they say, was only the beginning.

As change begets change, the more I tweaked, the more I wanted to tweak. There were so many cool things I was able to do! Yet, there’s always something more. I was stuck.

Turns out there is a “huge” difference between and The former is all online. The latter is a self hosted format and requires a significantly greater amount of understanding and, as it turns out, work. Well, maybe that’s just because I’ve been using the other format for so long. Maybe after a few weeks (or months?) of toying with the new iteration it will be just as easy as the other. It sure doesn’t seem that right now, however.

The changes thus far are slight. I migrated to the self hosted version, had to update the design theme again, re-added the column to the right with some (maybe) cool things I’ll describe later, and added a Facebook Like button (my inspiration for the post’s title). Thanks to Pete Icke at for helping me jump thru some of the initial hoops.

I hope you’ll like the changes. Let me know what you think if you have a minute. At least, like, click the Like button, dude. Thanks again.


Happy Tuesday!

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