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Linda and I have been back home from our visit to Sweden for almost three weeks now. Things have settled back into their normal routine; or at least as much as they can during a month where the temperature in the morning at ten o’clock is 100 and keeps rising and rising until it hits 110+ around seven o’clock in the evening. I have just this one last set of pictures I wanted to share from our trip before I get back to writing and posting pictures about “normal” life.

This set is one that I like especially. They tells a story about the landscape. I am anxious to see what folks from the area think. Do my pictures match how you see the place where you live? I also think these pictures tell a story. In fact, I’m not going to tell the story in words. I’m going to just lay them out here and let you enjoy them without me interrupting. See if you can “read” the story these pictures are trying to tell you and comment below.

I appreciate all of you who dropped by to read this series. I am already looking forward to out next trip to Sweden. It may not be next summer but the next time we’re out there it will definitely (if I have anything to say about it) be summer!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Check out the set on Flickr here >

4 thoughts on “Beach & Countryside

  1. Rickard Hagtorn says:

    Hi Owen!
    Can´t remember if I already commented on this but it´s really great stuff. Amaxing how you can capture the solul of Skåne so well!

    Regards, Rickard

  2. Annalena says:

    Hi Owen, well yes this is Skåne in a nutshell. Although I can´t quite agree on “primitive” (sounds a bit too stoneage), I do comprehend and confirm everything that has been said. Very good analysis! The sophisticated simplicity moreover happens to be the signature of scandinavian design. And I must say the pictures are brilliant!

  3. Charmoli says:

    OB: Good stuff. Not sure I have the story but the pictures, to me, make Sweden come across as very primitive. Less is more. Basic – in a good way. Simplistic yet sophisticated in a sense. Refreshing. Like they have the mentality of enjoying the landscape for what it is, not what they can make it.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Greg. I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. I agree and in a big way that is the story. The buildings and homes along the Swedish countryside, and even in the cities, seem to have this simple yet sophisticated elegance. It says a lot about the people. As a whole, I have found Swedes to be people who favor high function, and from a design perspective (and otherwise), embrace understatement.

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