On the Docks – Smyge, Sweden

One mid afternoon during our recent trip to Sweden, Linda, her dad, and myself piled into the Volvo and headed to the southernmost tip of Sweden to have lunch with Linda’s uncle Lars and nephew Sixten. The town is just east of Trelleborg (think “Swedish Long Beach”). Smygehuk itself is flat, sandy, and surrounded by rocky beaches. It is supposed to be “impossibile to stand any further south in Sweden and still keep your feet dry”.

Sweden (2010) Smyge

I read that Uma Thurman’s grandmother posed for this Axel Ebbe statue named Famntaget (The Embrace) which stands in the harbor. Linda also poses alongside.

Sweden (2010) Smyge

I didn’t think to take a picture of the grub but just imagine ordering a herring burger and the smoked or pan fried herring just came off a shipping boat earlier that day. You get the picture?

Sweden (2010) Smyge

This sign marks the exact position, 55 degrees 20 minutes 3 seconds, and the distance to various locations around the world.

Sweden (2010) Smyge

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Check out the entire Sweden (2010) Smyge Picture Set by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “On the Docks – Smyge, Sweden

  1. Hi Owen!
    You have done it again, nice work indeed. I´ll be able to use some of thees shots in my work probably.

    Thanks, much appreciated!


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