Sweden So Far

June 24, 2010

There were some doubts about the weather on day one but now a week into our trip those fears have been put squarely to rest. Sure the clouds peek out every now and then but there has been enough sunshine to make a (albeit transplanted) phoenician happy.

The wedding was fantastic; took about a million photos (more on that later). Here are a few snaps I took yesterday with my iPhone during our walk by the sea (cannot wait to get my hands on the five megapixel camera on the new iPhone 4).


Seaside Cafe

More to come. Happy… what day is it anyway? Ahh, another great upside of being on vacation.

2 Responses to “Sweden So Far”

  1. Tianna said

    Awesome photos! Good times in Sweden. 🙂

  2. Rickard Hagtorn said

    I think you both took snaps and drank them:-)

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