Things You Realize at 30,000 Feet

A lot of the people I know have, or do still, travel as a part of their work. I have been a member of that club; traveling constantly to the point where it was more out of the ordinary to not be a member of a frequent flyer, rental car, or hotel club. I am still one of those guys who have a list of my top airports. Yes, both domestic and international.

Having settled down and pursued a career path allowing me to spend more glorious time at home, there are things that, on even a short haul like Phoenix to Chicago (next stop Copenhagen), that come rushing back.

(1) When I’m at home I don’t have to ask strangers to move so I can go to the bathroom.

(2) When I’m at home a glass of wine doesn’t cost me eight dollars; a bottle does.

(3) When I’m at home an extra four inches of leg room doesn’t cost me $60 (worth every penny nontheless).

So, to all the road warriors burning up the skies, much love and respect. May your skies be blue, your flights be on time, airport barmaids friendly, and turbulace non-existent.

3 thoughts on “Things You Realize at 30,000 Feet

  1. Reminds me of the movie ‘Up in the Air’ :-).

    BTW, Just received the first book in the Swedish thriller trilogy you recommended. Looking forward to starting it.

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