We Are Nashville – Harold’s Flood

May 14, 2010

When I was a kid growing up I thought my dad could read minds and see into the future. He always just seemed to know things. Unfortunately even he did not see the Nashville Flood coming. I first heard about the heavy rains from my Nashville Friends on Facebook. I called my sister and she assured me that she and my mom were okay. However, she did express some concern about Dad’s house. You see, it sits just off the Cumberland River.

A Flooded House

Bad news came a few days later. The 100 year flood came 50 years early. Reports where that the river crested at 52 feet. That put my Dad’s house approx seven feet under water. He was out of town when all of this was going down. I am thankful for that. I am most thankful that he was safe. Not everyone was so fortunate. When we talked, a few days before he came home, he expressed how much he had been touched by how many folks had called to make sure he was okay.

Before Cleanup Began

That was just the beginning. Folks from all over Nashville came out to help my Dad get the house ready for rebuilding. All I’ll say here is that a picture is most definitely worth a thousand words. Each.

Calling All Heroes

Calling All Heroes

Calling All Heroes

Calling All Heroes

Calling All Heroes

The House Gutted

The House Gutted

These are pictures provided to me courtesy of Larry Yarborough. Larry thought it was important to share these and I am very grateful that he did. That’s just the kind of man Larry is; great friend, runner, hiker, “retired” (but rumor has it still volunteers a full week as Chaplain for all the YMCA’s of Middle Tennessee), all around fantastic human being, and as it turns out pretty great photographer.

Calling All Heroes

Once again, thanks to Larry for the photos and to all of you who volunteered, those of you who stepped up and helped out your neighbors during their tragic time of need, in this case my Dad, a big ol’ from the bottom of my heart thank you. I know thanks and reward did not factor into your decision, but I wish your reward none the less comes back to you a hundred fold.


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