Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 4]


Seth, this is for you. Gadgets. Part 4 is about the gadgets. I love them. Let’s get to it.

1. Garmin 405 – I recently read that there are better suited watches for triathletes but this one works great for me. I can tell heart rate, time, and the GPS tells me speed, pace, and distance. When I get home I can easily download all that data and see, and share, online. My wife gave me the cadence device for my bike for Christmas so we’ll see how that works. Website:

2. iPod – Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past decade you know what this one is. Website:

3. Amphipod – Technically not a gadget but it does look like Batman’s utility belt. At any rate, these guys make the best hydration belts. They aren’t easy to find in stores so I order them online. The best part is that you can add-on to them. I’ve recently upgraded two of my four bottles from 8 oz to 10 oz and added a gel flask. I also keep my iPod in the micro-pack. Website:

4 thoughts on “Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 4]

  1. The Watch: the Garmin looks really great. Haven’t yet made the leap to GPS so I get only HR and splits. Distance is measured by bike and pace is calculated by time of the run. The Garmin must be relegated to the category of nice-to-have for the time being.
    MP3 Player: Had an iPod Classic (reconditioned) that didn’t even last a full year. My bad for not knowing the limitations of standard hard drive shelf life. Eventually settled on the Sansa Fuze 8GB. It’s also got FM radio, voice record. For the same price as the 8GB Nano, I got the player, Nike headset with ear hooks (the buds don’t stay in my ears), case w/ arm band and a two-years back up.
    Belt: That Amphipod also looks really cool. I will very likely invest in one of those

    1. It’s been a few months and I can say that, while it’s certainly a nice to have, at this stage of my training, I could probably live without the Garmin. Sorry to hear about your iPod. The belt, however? Must have. I have actually been running some in this heat the last few weeks and that would be impossible without my Amphipod (or something similar).

  2. The earphones are the Bose® mobile in-ear headset. They take a little getting used to. You have to find the right silicone tip that works for you. I came really close to loosing one of the tips before a race once. Otherwise, they are great. The sound is fantastic.

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