Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 3]


Part 3 is about the feet; perhaps the most important body part for running. I buy all my running shoes from in Tempe, AZ. Why? They are all runners like you and me. They also have real knowledge about the shoes they sell. They also have a treadmill and video camera setup to show you your gate to best find the right type of running shoe. Also, they’re very nice people.

1. Under Armour Men’s Zone No Show Socks – There are the absolute best socks ever made. They come in black and white. Website:

2. Mizuno Ascend 4 – I usually wear a stability shoe but for days when I’m primarily on the trail and crushed gravel I prefer a trail running shoe like this one. Website:

3. Asics GT-2140 – This is a really nice stability shoe for running mainly on sidewalks and concrete. This is my second pair of GT’s. Website:

4. Bubble Laces – Strange that I mention shoe laces. I like these laces because they don’t slip as much as normal laces and a good fit is really important for keeping those blisters away. Website:

2 thoughts on “Running Gear Essentials. Sort Of. [Part 3]

  1. Socks: WrightSock double-layer, poly.

    Shoes: Asics GT-2150 & Brooks Adrenaline 9 GTS. I get ’em two at a time to prevent rapid breakdown. Used to be a Nike guy but these two just blew me away a couple months back. Same store, they rock…although if I notice too big of a price differential, I’ll try them there but order online. Yeah, yeah, I know.

    Laces: I’ve been using the elastic triathlon laces; I forget the make/model but they’re great. Only one adjustment ever required and then you’re literally off to the races. Saves time for a slow transitioner like me.

    what about HR monitor, cold-weather gear, belts, etc?

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