Winter Chicken House

It’s cold today. That means winter. I have to admit that winter in Maricopa, Arizona is nothing like winter in Nolensville, Tennessee where I grew up. Be that as it may, the windows have been open here at home for the last few days and the cool crisp air reminds me of home. I have many happy memories of home. Two specifically of which this picture reminds me.

This is the shed that stood behind our house growing up. Neither the house nor the shed is still there, but that’s what memories are for, after all.

winter chicken house

The first memory goes with the left side of the shed. Cutting, hauling, and stacking firewood with my dad. Most of the time in late fall before the ice and snow. Then fetching the firewood every morning before school and every afternoon after getting home from school. I joke that I was eleven before I knew my name wasn’t “Go Get Wood”.

The second goes with the right side of the shed. That’s where I raised my blue ribbon 4-H chickens. I won first prize at the contest. Following that, I had a successful business, at least for a kid, selling eggs. I bought my first personal computer with that egg money.

So, as winter comes on, reminding us that a new year approaches, take a moment and remember something nice. Thanks for sharing my memory with me.

4 thoughts on “Winter Chicken House

  1. Crystelle Brown says:

    What an amazing picture of that old shed! I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that it no longer exists. (It does exists in my mind, however.) Sweet memories of a very grounded childhood…

  2. Harold Brown says:

    A person once told me that wood warms you twice. When you cut it and when you burn it. I remember the two of use stacking wood in the shed. You would start out tossing wood from the truck to me in the shed and I would stack. You had more fun trying to toss wood before I could stack, turn around and catch the next piece. That was when we would change places.

    I recently found that first dollar you earned selling eggs. It was in an envelope with some pictures and a note from L.Y. thanking you for the eggs. The evidence of your 4H victory was also found. Those were great chickens. Remember the big black snake?

    Thanks for loading the wood box for me and for throwing hay to the cows on those cold evenings after school. I wish we could cut wood and feed cows just one more time. hb

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