Netflix and X-Box 360: Match Made in Heaven

Now that the Netflix add-on has been upgraded it’s safe to recommend. To begin, the X-Box 360 came to our house as a Christmas gift in 2007. Hooked it up to the 62″ HDTV 1080P and geeked out. Now we know the video games enjoyed back then were just scratching the surface of what this console can do.


Discovering X-Box Live was fantastic. Go online and demo the latest games for free? Sign me up. Some of the games that where the most engaging actually ended up being puzzle games as opposed to first person shooters. Braid and Puzzle Quest are two household favorites.

Extremely inexpensive (approx $13.00 per month) and dependable, one can pick from 17,000 movies and television shows, all commercial free, and on demand. To begin, setup a Netflix and X-Box Live Gold Membership and connect your console to your home network. Login to your X-Box Live account, download the Netflix app on your X-Box, and start watching!

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