Leaving Yoga

January 20, 2010

I have something to admit. I’ve tried Yoga. Took classes for a few months. It just never really took. I’m not knocking it. Lance Armstrong does Yoga and who’s going to call his manhood into question. Exactly. I’m just saying it wasn’t for me. At the end of the day it just felt like a bunch of stretching.

Fast forward… I’ve moved on (my wife and I both) and now take Pilates. We’ve been going two nights a week for about a year.¬†For the uninitiated, Pilates comes in different forms. Ever seen those “machines” that look like medieval torture devices? That’s one form. The kind we do actually more resembles Yoga. However, this stuff is more about core training.

So, what’s my point? During the holidays the place we do our twice weekly workouts took a few weeks off. Last night was the first class back since the break. While we’ve been active over the break, I realized how much I missed these sessions specifically, and how important these two forty five minute workouts have become to me. Pilates fills in gaps left by my other training and allows me to train harder and longer in my other pursuits and still stay injury free. It’s played a important role in helping me get stronger and faster in the pool, on the bike, and on the run.

If you’re considering adding something new to your exercise routine this year, and you don’t think Yoga would be your thing, consider Pilates. Think core. Think hardcore.