My Recent Visit to Nashville [Part 2]

Cumberland River
My Dad lives in Madison, Tennessee on the banks of the Cumberland River. It’s quite a spot in general but one of the more interesting things to see are the tug boats and barges. Our first afternoon hanging out we spotted not one but two tugs coming slowly down the river against the swift current.

That gave me plenty of time to grab my camera and take a couple dozen shots. While the first barge was hauling what appears to be big rocks, the second appears to be hauling coal.

These next two shots get in closer to show details of what is being hauled. Some of that detail also looks a lot like snow!

I hear it is still coming down in many parts of Nashville and that folks out there are very ready for a break from the white stuff.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the boats. If you’d like to see more visit the following and let me know what you think.