The Best Camera? The One You Have With You

My first camera was a Canon 35mm SLR with a kit lens. It was a Christmas gift from mom and dad close to twenty years ago. Besides their love, and my eduction, that camera was perhaps the greatest gift my parents even gave me. While there was a period of time during which I put the camera down (film can be a hassle) there was never a time where I didn’t see things around me and consider how I’d capture the moment on film.

My reawakening happened one overcast afternoon London, England. I was with my wife and in-laws, walking the streets, just taking in the amazing sights, and suddenly I wished, out loud, that I had my camera. “Wait a minute. You do!”, exclaimed my wife. “Huh?” I replied. Then I suddenly realized… my iPhone!

Those were pure moments. I wasn’t worried about megapixels or a fancy lens. In that moment I became a believer that the best camera is the one you have with you. The simplicity of that experience reawakened the love. Sharing those captured moments with friends was the glue that made it all stick. I have since upgraded my megapixels but that moment reminds me never to take that, or myself, too seriously.