Sweden & Sunflowers

Those of you who know me, know that I (for the most part) cherish routine (and man, has this past week been way outside my normal routine.) However, sometimes I cherish a good stretch of outside of the box, layered on top of more outside the box. Therefore, on the heels of the last five days, my wife and I will be making a trip to Sweden at the end of this week! A trip I have been looking forward to for months and months. We leave on Thursday and will be there for ten days.

While I’ve visited a few times before, this trip will be unique because it’s summertime! That’s right. We typically visit during Christmas and it can get very cold in December. I’m personally rooting for warm (80 degree) weather, and with any luck, look forward to the beach, and perhaps even swimming in the sea.

Oh, and Linda’s sister Johanna is getting married to her long time love Andy Preigard. I’ve seen pictures of the mission style church and the ultra modern restaurant where the reception will be held. I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures of both the countryside, and the events, so hold on to your hats folks! It is going to be a fun time.

I was on a walk this afternoon and came across this flower. Not that I needed reminding, but for some reason it reminded me of our upcoming trip. Maybe it was my expectation of a warm pretty Sweden in bloom. Whatever the reason, in honor of the summertime, the warm sun, and our trip to Sweden, I leave you with this image.


Happy Monday!