I brought my first iPod home six years ago. It is third generation, classic white, holds 4,000 songs, and predates the color screen. We have been through a lot together. It was with me on countless trips between California and Arizona, moved with me to Arizona when those trips became too much, saw Linda and I buy our first house, and our marriage. Unlike our marriage, the iPod is a little worse for wear. The battery no longer holds a charge, and after I left it outside to suffer a few days worth of Arizona summer, the wheel no longer works.

You are more likely to either hand-me-down, or lose an iPod, before throwing it away. A little uncertain exactly what I should do, I decided the old iPod would get a permanent home in the bathroom. I bought a JVC charger / speaker deck for it to sit in, loaded it with a lot of my favorite music, and there it has sat for the last two years. The bad news is that it continues to show signs of aging, including no longer syncing to my iTunes.

I have a nice new model that will reportedly hold 40,000 songs. It’s black. The wheel works. It plays video. I also have my iPhone (that really holds more music than I need). With the introduction of the iPhone, I realize that I will likely never buy another iPod. That isn’t the point though, is it. When the old iPod completely gives out, I will likely put it on my bookshelf along with my old 35mm camera, and gaze upon them from time to time, in thanks, and remembrance.

Twitter 101

November 19, 2009

Social media coming at you like a big wave? A former professor put it into perspective. “It seems technology is like that huge wave you try to catch and stay on top of, but eventually, and inevitably, it washes over you and either pushes up on shore where you will forever remain, or you will drown, or if you are one of the exceptional and fortunate ones, you will pop back up to ride the next wave.”

Now, the 101 part: This is a blog. You likely understand blogs. Twitter is a micro-blog. What makes it micro? It allows 140 characters a post. I’d suggest a simple strategy to get started. Sign up at twitter.com. Then search for folks you’re interested in following. Celebrities (@lancearmstrong), friends (@owenwbrown) and people in your industry (@mashable). The gist Follow first and then decide how you will use the tool to communicate what you have to say.

Got an iPhone? Get the Tweetie app and get Twitter in your pocket! For everything else see http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/

Love My New Mac

September 24, 2009

I just bought my first Mac Computer since college! That would be around 1996. You’d have to be living in a cave not to know how much has changed since then. Back in the day we used dial up and your modem was a separate box that connected to the phone line. High-speed wireless internet and home networking? Forget about it. It is now 2009 and the game has completely changed. What will we be saying about all of this in 2022?

My new machine is a Mac Mini 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. More importantly, it is one sexy little machine.

Now that I work from primarily my home office I wanted to have a central hub for all my music. After work I have also been enjoying all of the other applications that came with the mini. I am learning how to use the simple but powerful iLife apps. My first foray has been with the iPhoto app which is proving fruitful. I’ve been able to easily upload, organize, and even share some of the pictures I took during my trip to the Grand Canyon with my Dad directly from the app to Flickr. More news as I learn more.